We are now displaying saturations etc. with k=500 (still is 150)
We suggest re-delegating before December 1st - if your current pool is affected.

If you want to support ADApools development, please consider delegation to our pool (ticker: TOOLS) or to one of our contributors. Thank you ❀️

Operator Resources

You may use the data outputs below for your private purposes as you see fit.

  • Pool List https://js.adapools.org/pools.json
  • Pool List - Groups (filtered; only one pool = one group methodology) https://js.adapools.org/pools.fair.json
  • Pool Details https://js.adapools.org/pools/POOL_ID/summary.json
  • Global Params https://js.adapools.org/global.json
  • Protocol Params https://js.adapools.org/protocol.json
  • Groups https://js.adapools.org/groups.json

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