We are now displaying saturations etc. with k=500 (still is 150)
We suggest re-delegating before December 1st - if your current pool is affected.

If you want to support ADApools development, please consider delegation to our pool (ticker: TOOLS) or to one of our contributors. Thank you ❀️

Experimental feature - Promotion

Promo is free. All you have to do is click the promote button once a day in the detail of your pool. On average, we have 300-600 visitors online (google analytics), so you have a unique opportunity to reach a lot of delegates.

Additional promo time

  • We do not accept any payments except donations. We randomly pick daily some tweets with these instructions (tweet as always, only mark @AdapoolsO and use your pool ticker as hashtag).

ADApools bootstrap initiative

  • We will support small pool operators (0-5M stake) who benefit the community (we can pick from a lot of tweets, from supporters in our telegram group and in official groups or our patreons)


activepoolba67e271c925f7b066a00f4c9cbb9f27b13cef1ab02cca4c245c8acc27-11-2020, 05:58:31
in 1 minpoold08c0687519e46160ee564e05491de861f3b14aa15193b82da68b7e427-11-2020, 06:03:31