IOG has released db-sync with several bugs and a new release has not yet been issued. for this reason, rewards, metadata, stake sizes may be temporarily inaccurate in some cases. thank you for your understanding.

Why does ADApools display ads?

Displaying ads is what keeps our website alive. We devote all our time to developing and managing ADApools without having an additional income. In the long term, this model would not be sustainable, so displaying ads helps us cover our operational costs.

At the same time, we do not want to sell the entire project. It is our passion. We have built the most visited page where you can find an overview of all pools and related details. We want to continue with our work and do the maximum.

We are thankful for all our patreons, the people who send donations or who join us. You are the cornerstone of the entire ADApools ecosystem, and we are incredibly grateful to you all!

Advertising on ADApools

After much deliberation, we decided to work with Coinzilla for the monetization of ADApools.

Coinzilla manually checks every campaign delivered through their platform in order to ensure an optimal and non-intrusive user experience. Coinzilla will manage all the advertising requests for ADApools, and we will constantly work together in order to maintain our quality standards.

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